Made to Order - Pick a Size 100% Finest Wool Hand knotted especially for you in the ways of the Boujad tribes who for centuries have traded their crafts in the market town of Boujad in Khouribga Province. These berber tribes are renowned for producing rugs in predominantly red, orange and pink colors and feature complex geometric patterns of sometimes abstract squares and diamonds. Your made to order rug will be created knot by knot with ancient techniques passed down from mother to daughter through the generations. These skilled artisans draw their inspiration from their profound desire of intimate self and materialize these thoughts in abstract symbolic form. The composition of their rugs is often dedicated to birth or fertility and the sequence of their motifs usually indicates the course of an event. The rug may appear as a mirror of femininity and describe the phases in the life of a woman. It’s common to see expression of strong emotional turning points such as virginity, union, pregnancy and childbirth. We work closely with our artisans to make these rugs special. As you will see, they are truly pieces of art that elevate any interior, complementing both modern and bohemian design language. No matter which pattern you choose, know that your rug will give your home an incredibly cozy feeling for many years to come. Äventyr believes in a more sustainable world made from natural materials. It is with this mindset we source products that last a lifetime and can easily be absorbed by nature once they have fulfilled their purpose. Handmade is not only more beautiful, it is also better for the environment. Delivery time: 6-12 weeks (depending on size) Free worldwide shipping As this is a handmade item, please expect some variation in the shade of color, texture and pattern compared to the one in the pictures. No two rugs are the same, which makes every rug truly unique. We will notify you as soon as your rug is ready and keep you informed about the shipping process. WRITE US IF YOU WISH FOR A CUSTOM SIZE OR DESIGN NOT LISTED ON OUR WEBSITE Tassels will add about 10-20 cm extra length to your rug depending on style and size. Some designs have tassels on both sides and some only on one side, please see photos.

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