Utilitarian simplicity in solid pine. These Amish Peg Rails, designed exclusively for Bloomist, are inspired by the ones used in Amish homes and schools, but updated with a pared back, minimalist profile. They are handmade by craftsmen in Lancaster, PA using classic Amish woodworking techniques and will last a lifetime. Ideal for hanging hats, coats, and scarves as well as utilitarian objects like hand brooms and dustpans. Available in 4 pegs and 6 pegs, natural and black.  Rails come with mounting instructions and hardware. Intended to be screwed directly into the wall. Inventive design incorporates mounting holes that are placed in two positions and the pegs are popped in after mounting to cover unsightly screw heads and create a clean minimalist face. ABOUT FORAGER CO. Located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Forager Co. designs and produces utilitarian products that incorporate foraged vintage and historic textiles, old stock denim, and salvaged leather. The company’s philosophy is to step away from mass production and return to a time of individually made goods. Forager Co. supports a vibrant local cottage industry by working with Lancaster- based Mennonite and Amish craftsmen as well as refugee makers. They turn ideas and foraged finds into unique and functional pieces (Read more). Material: Solid pine Dimensions: 4 peg:  26"L x 2”W x 1”H, 3" pegs 6 peg:  41”L x 2”W x 1”H, 3" pegs *Suggested total hanging weight is under 15 lbs. PRODUCT CODE: Natural, 4 peg: 97563559 Natural, 6 peg: 97563569 Black, 4 peg: 97563551 Black, 6 peg: 97563561

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