KREOSOTE 7Is a signature boot design that represents the Project K 2020 series, this Kustom built Boot was inspired by my families Kentucky-Missouri Folklore storytelling and a picture I was given of my Granddad running shine alongside his 1930 Sedan to make ends meet when the crops fell short of a profitable yield. "standing at the edge of light but still within the reaches of darkness"Minnie Wyatt-Gabbard. The KREOSOTE 7 boot features a unique modification to my Grandads 1930s era boot design and lifestyle appearance, by hand-cutting the leather templates after they are treated in a Blue Oil Ink Dye and Black Walnut Oil Ink Dye overlay and soaked in a mild 5% Whisky treatment overnight. I chose the uncommonly used Harness Drum-dyed, Full grain veg tanned hide from the American based "Wickett and Craig Tannery" of Pennsylvania established in1867 for this boot because of its ability to resemble a type of leather that was used locally by German-American shoemakers throughout the Kentucky hill country back in the 1930s. It takes a twice Dyed Oil Ink Treatment beautifully and the properties in the grain on this hide are exceptional to work with, achieving a shorter overall break in time in as the Black Walnut patina ages revealing the Blue grain underneath. Similar to the discovery and appearance after lifting the hod on that Sedan to revel the understated hidden bored out “stove-bolt” six engine. The 12 Iron Half-Soles are cut deeply into the feather line at the Waist and Breast of the Heel are stacked to create a Traditional shape with Jet Black oiled dyed edges that are treated and re-dyed reveling each layer of Leather with a different aging effect. Every aspect of this boot build is uniquely technical and follows traditional European shoemakers methods, the clients personal outlined foot tracing and width measurements are required for this boot. LAST: 43K LEATHER UPPERS: Wickett & Craig- Harness 5oz Full Grain Veg Tanned.COLOR: Cobalt Blue Interior Lining + Blue Base Exterior + Jet Black Walnut Exterior Dye.WIDTH: Modified B,C,D,ETHREAD: BLACK-138 Nylon BondedTOP HEIGHT: 7 inch with 11 Jet Black Brass Eyelets.HEEL COUNTERS: KREOSOTE signature XXX Back-curve Heel Counters.LACE: Full-grain Flat cut 7 oz leather.TOE PUFF: Structured (3oz Veg Leather) IN-SOLE: Hand-Welted 360 degree German, Channel / Holdfast.SHANK: MetalFULL MID-SOLE: Veg Tanned 12 Iron (1/4 inch) HALF SOLE: Veg Tanned 12 Iron (1/4 inch) OUT SOLE STITCHED: Gritzner Hand-crank.HEEL: Leather stacked 1 inch.IN-SOLE: Removable Veg Tanned Leather Insert with 1/8 or 1/4 Blue-Cloud Orthotic material. Please provide your most recent Brannock Device Foot measurement as a secondary reference guide at Check out.The KREOSOTE Boot has a 36 month waiting list. After placing your purchase order, go to the Customer page on this site and view the Measurement guide Tech Info and then Direct Message Gabbard (info@kreosote.com) To communicate further about the measurement process procedures.

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