This compact MoMA Touchscreen Mist Cleaner boasts an all-in-one design for keeping phones, tablets, and laptop screens spotless on the go. A spray tube filled with an alcohol-free cleaner is concealed cleverly within a slender microfiber cloth-clad bar. With the press of a button, the tube releases a gentle mist that can be wiped away along with fingerprints, smudges, and 99.9% of common household bacteria with any side of the surrounding container. The MoMA Touchscreen Mist Cleaner measures 3.5h x .75w x .75"d and was designed by Aruliden, a design team with work that was featured in the MoMA exhibitions Talk to Me and Design and the Elastic Mind. The MoMA Touchscreen Mist Cleaner is manufactured by AM, a Danish company known for cleaning products made for vinyl and record players since the 70s.

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