The Ultimate Pottery Bundle  The pottery bundle that all other pottery bundles fear.  This bundle will set its owner on a course toward becoming a pottery master - a real wizard, a true Harry Potter.  A pottery gift for the committed. For those that decide they want to start something, to learn something, and then go out and do it. If your intention is to create some truly jaw dropping home pottery pieces, then this is the bundle for you. You’ll have all the paint colours, paint pens and clay you'll need! What can I create with this bundle? With this bundle you can create 6 - 9 different pottery pieces, with 16 different base colours and an infinite range of new colours if you blend them. It also includes our paint pens and 8 acrylic paint pens for those detailed final touches and illustrations to turn your pieces into works of art. What’s in the bundle? 3kg of premium air dry clay 20 Piece Step-By-Step Beginners Pottery Guide Sculpd pottery tool set  2 x Paintbrushes White waterproof paint Waterproof varnish 8 x Pastel acrylic colours  8 x Metallic Acrylic Paint Pens 8 x Mediterranean Acrylic Paint Pens Need some extra inspo? Check out our step-by-step video tutorials library where you can follow along with one of our resident potters while they teach the techniques to create polished ceramic pieces from home. There is something for potters of all skill levels. The ultimate way to lose yourself in your new favourite hobby. Don't forget to tag us @sculpdit on Instagram so we can see your lovely creations. You stay crafty!

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