Bobby Ghoshal

cofounder at Carrot, becoming a better shopper because of yall

This is me being influenced
76 items — updated 2 days ago

Pretty much stealing shit from y'all as you find it and add to collections 🤣 feel free to steal back tho

You're in the army now
35 items — updated 9 days ago

Chique military garb from around the world

If I was old money and it was cold out
35 items — updated 10 days ago

You can earn cash back on almost anything in here as long as you have Carrot's extension installed as you shop!

Really hoping these go on sale for BFCM 😬
37 items — updated 14 days ago
Designer reading list
35 items — updated 18 days ago

An incomplete but forever growing compendium

Vintage-ish home finds
48 items — updated a month ago

A lot of texture and color in these, enjoy!

Future Buys 💸
192 items — updated 20 days ago

Stuff i want, all in one place but note, this list will be all over the place

Slides, visually ranked! 🏆
11 items — updated 4 months ago

We're just going to keep the slide trend going into winter, right? It's like walking on ☁️

Gentleman EDC
44 items — updated 4 months ago

For when boys put away childish things

Amazing backpack recs in here
17 items — updated 5 months ago
Outer banks fits, these might be loud 😬
15 items — updated 5 months ago

Feel like this show's fashion sense combines a sense of adventure, practicality, and coastal charm, good for summer imo but not for everyone.

I need an e-bike
23 items — updated 6 months ago

Im an ebike noob, plz help!

Hanging vines and plants for home office 🌵🌿
15 items — updated 6 months ago

Probably going to convert my office into a hanging garden tbh, love the feel of this. 

Garden party
10 items — updated a month ago
Eyeing for home
20 items — updated 6 months ago