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Get paid to be the tastemaker for your growing community
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Fashionistas recommending product styles and trends
Coffee and wine influencers recommending new beverages and kits
Travel influencers recommending places to stay and what to wear
Maternity experts recommending the best pregnancy products for moms
Book enthusiasts sharing their recent literary fascinations
Tech heads recommending the best new gizmos and gadgets
Outdoor enthusiasts recommending gear for specific activities
DIY influencers recommending projects and products
Fitness experts recommending products in different niches
There are so many more usecases!
Questions & Answers
Double your affiliate revenue by converting your blue links to photos

70% of consumers look to tastemakers to help them decide what to buy next, but your links are hard to find, messy, and are jumbled in a sea of blue text. Carrot helps you increase your influence, conversion, and sales by automatically converting your blue links into photos your community wants to engage with.

With a single branded Carrot link, you can simplify the browsing experience for your community by showcasing your top recommendations in a visually stunning format. This not only makes it easier for your community to browse through your products but also enables them to easily recall and purchase items when they are ready to do so.

Your links front and center

Your links are hidden away in your video descriptions, is it any wonder you aren’t seeing sales? When your community install’s Carrot’s extension, we automatically connect them to your links as they go shopping in their own browser.

It’s simple, Carrot reveals your links at optimal moments when your community shops at brands you’re partnered with, or when they use search engines to find products we know you’re already recommending.

No more hidden links — in fact, 10X your link visibility, help your community shop in a way that feels natural, not pushy.

What it feels like to be in control
Your email list is your community, when you start a Carrot, you get:
  1. 1. Access to your audience’s emails
  2. 2. A website for all your lists
  3. 3. Community features like collaborative collections, reactions, etc.
  4. 4. Control over what’s free and what’s only for paying subscribers
It takes less than a minute to get started.
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Collections are designed to load fast on any device, to be highly engaging, and show off products visually
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