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Yes! Pretty much all seats are compatible with our ASR Chassis. For Bucket Seats, as long the Seat Brackets aren’t wider than 19 inches, you’ll be good to go. For Recliner Seats or Seats out of an actual car, you’ll be able to install them as long as the seat mounting base is flat.
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Advanced Bucket Seat (Medium) - With seat rails
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Free-Standing Triple Monitor Stand (Up to 32") - Carbon Gray (Powder Coat) / VESA 100mm/75mm
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ASR 6 - DD Side / Carbon Gray (Powder Coat) / Steel Pedal Plate
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Advanced Wheel Deck - 22.75" for the ASR 4 & 6
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ASR 3 - DD Side / Steel Pedal Plate / Infinite Black (Powder Coat)
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