Tom Godlewski

Gym Essentials
21 items — updated 2 months ago

Ditch the cutoff from high school and the ratty gym shoes. These essentials will help you look good and support you on your way to your goals.

My Essentials
20 items — updated 3 months ago

A lot has changed in the new year - I've started taking workout classes, going into an office, and been trying to live a healthier lifestyle. These are my essentials as I've headed into 2024.

Future Pickups
32 items — updated 5 months ago

What am I looking at picking up? Some things are slightly out of reach - others could end up in my possession given the right sale.

Timeless Foundations
83 items — updated 5 months ago

A collection of foundational items- Need a gift for a guy in your life? Starting a wardrobe post-grad? Struggling to find clothes that fit your broad shoulders? This is a great place to start

Daniel Craig's Bond-Inspired Wardrobe Staples
18 items — updated 5 months ago

If Daniel Craig's James Bond taught us anything - it's to look for fit and material over anything. Leverage this guide to build an interchangeable wardrobe leaning on the pieces used or affordable alternatives.

Small Town Christmas Stroll
6 items — updated 5 months ago

It's that time of year - gather with friends, get out to a small town, and support their local shops and businesses this season.

Heading into the holidays
8 items — updated 6 months ago

You've got events to go to and things to do. Family and/ or friends to see. Look elevated, but stay comfortable out there.

Here's a look that features some of my favorite sales from BFCM.

Aspirational EDC | Titanium
8 items — updated 6 months ago

I've been thinking more about my EDC lately - and wish it was just a hair lighter. These are my picks for a fully (mostly) Titanium EDC.

Holiday Shopping Season Watchlist
37 items — updated 6 months ago
Job Interview | Formal
10 items — updated 6 months ago

Clean, professional, and classic. Make a statement with subtlety, don't scream it.

Dress like Carmen from the Bear on a Budget
13 items — updated 6 months ago

Over the last two years, Carmen from the Bear has proven he's a style icon. However, his taste in $115 t-shirts and $800 wool jackets has me going "no chef". Here are my recs if you want to dress like Carmy without the massive price tag.

Bedding - For us aspiring adults.
6 items — updated 6 months ago

Neutral tones, unique textures, and comfort. Even if you have no idea what you are doing, this will make it look like you do.

Best (sensibly priced) Tees
12 items — updated 6 months ago

Avoid the tshirt brands bombarding your ads - this is a list of high(er) quality t-shirts that are all $50 or less.

Vintage Inspired EDC
10 items — updated 6 months ago

Vintage inspired - modern technology.

Early Morning Dog Walk
12 items — updated 6 months ago

There's nothing like the early morning chill, no one on the trail, and a hyped-up dog ready to take on the day. Don't forget poop bags.